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Online Services Instruction

Please review the following instructions and information before using the online payment system.

Online Payments works best in Internet Explorer or Firefox. Currently, Mobile Devices such as Ipad, Ipod and Mobile Phones are not supported.

How to Login the First Time you use the online payment system:

Go to the Online Payment Site (Note: Additional fees apply and the fees go directly to the credit card company)

You must know your Account number and the online password that is on your Utility Bill to login to the system the First Time. The following diagram shows where to get the information off your utility bill.


Insert the Account Number exactly like it is shown on the Utility Bill, including the dashes.

Insert the online password exactly like it appears on the Utility Bill.

Click the login button.

    login screen

    You will be asked to change your password after you sucessfully login.

    Once logged in you can print your Utility Bill and can make an online payment. We accept e-check, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. Knox Chapman Utilities does not charge a fee for online payments.

    For Future logins you will need to know your account number and the password you assigned.

    Troubleshooting the online payment system:

    I can't view or print my Utility Bill.

    The Utility bill is stored as an Adobe PDF Document. In order to download, view, or print your Utility Bill you must have Adobe Reader installed on your computer and it must be working properly.

    I'm having troubles logging in or processing the payment.

    A wide variety of reasons can cause login/payment problems. Below is a list of common issues.

          • Script blocking enabled in a web browser (or security software that blocks scripts)

          • Firewalls preventing https traffic

          • Corporate Security policies blocking online banking, shopping, or other personal transactions

          • Slow internet connection

          • Malware, Virus, or Hi-jack programs on a PC

          • Issues with the payment website

          • Using an incompatible web browser. Internet Explorer and Firefox work best. Ipad, Iphone and Android devices are not supported.

          If you are having problems logging in or making a payment then please try the following:

          • Try a different Web Browser or reset the default settings on your current web-browser
          • Try a different computer

          • Try a different computer network (especially if you are using a corporate network that may have monitoring or filtering software)

          • Try again later. Several different Utilities use this online payment service. If the site is having issues they will work to correct the issues as quickly as possible.

    Go to the Online Payment Site (Note: Additional fees apply and the fees go directly to the credit card company)



After October 12, 2016 if you call the office to pay your bill with a credit card, there will be a $7.00 charge.







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