Developmental Projects Program
Don’t start without us! Planning a commercial or residential project within our service area? We welcome the opportunity to provide service to new developments. However, we do regulate and monitor the installation of all new water lines within the Knox Chapman Utility District boundaries. Developers should contact us for details.

Cross-Connection Prevention Program
We work hard to insure that the water we bring to your home is the safest, purest available. That is why we are constantly on the alert for any situation that would degrade that purity. Our cross-connection prevention program is one way that our staff insures that the water you and your family drink is always the best. We believe, though, that every water customer should know about cross connections. Even your lawn sprinkler system can be a source for contamination. Please contact us for additional information.

Any water customer of the District who has the potential for a cross-connection is responsible for purchasing, installing, and maintaining a backflow preventer. The District is responsible for the quality of the water delivered to its customers, including the execution of a cross-connection control program to monitor the presence and use of backflow preventers. Periodic testing is directed by the District through the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation certified employee testers or independent Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation Certified Testers. The cost of testing is the responsibility of the customer.

Tennessee One-Call Program
Call before you dig! Knox Chapman Utility District of Knox County is a member of the Tennessee One-Call line location system. If you need water mains located, please call 1-800-351-1111. Be prepared to give the address and nearest intersecting street.